This year Image Afrique will take place for the sixth time in the heart of Basel and Liestal. The three-week-long multidisciplinary festival stimulates reflection on views of Africa.

Art interventions in public spaces are at the heart of the Image Afrique festival, which has taken place annually since 2012. The roughly 30 artworks presented are by international photographers whose work is either created in an African country or deals with the lives of African emigrants. The contemporary photographs counteract deeply ingrained perceptions of Africa, and illustrate one-sided and often negative perceptions of the continent.

In 2017 the sixth edition of Image Afrique offers a multidisciplinary program spanning three weeks that is open to both young people and adults thanks to its diverse formats.

The photography exhibitions in public spaces confront the viewer with new perspectives of Africa, while the Image Afrique film program in Liestal’s Kino Sputnik approaches socio-politically relevant topics in a number of different ways. Readings with writers from the German-speaking world who have African backgrounds immerse participants in a deeply personal world of images. In a workshop spanning several weeks, young people explore the visual language of Nigerian advertising posters and generate their own posters. The results of this workshop will be displayed with the source posters in a final comparison in public space. And finally, an augmented reality app uses photographs of everyday life in Africa to expand the real world and thus open a window into modern Africa in surprising ways.

The Image Afrique events operate as a catalyst for discourse regarding perceptions of Africa, and encounters that occur between the invited artists and the audience during this time will have a long-lasting impact. The international exchange that takes place in Basel between artists, the arts scene and the festival audience breaks down barriers and allows for the development of new perceptions.

Image Afrique is organized by the non-profit organization CAP Association, with Benjamin Füglister as artistic director and Livia Rutishauser as project manager.

Image Afrique Festival 2017 | 
9 June – 2 July 2017

Image Afrique Festival 2016 | In Retrospect

Brief clip presenting the Image Afrique Festival 2016