Contemporary African Photography from Edition POPCAP

  • Hotel Euler 14 Centralbahnplatz Basel, BS, 4051 Switzerland

About 100 works of contemporary African photography from Congo, South Africa, Kenya, Cameroun, Italy, Tunesia, Angola, Mozambique, Namibia und Egypt, are on display at the Art Passage at Hotel Euler in Basel.

Édition POPCAP is a limited photography edition comprising works from the winners of the CAP Prize (Formerly POPCAP), the prize for contemporary African photography. The outstanding works of the participating artists are printed in a circulation of 7 + 2 AP and are available for purchase both at the CAP Prize exhibitions and online. Future CAP Prize awardees will be invited to join the edition.

The exhibition presents works by Thom Pierce,  Julia Runge, Filipe BranquinhoTahir Carl KarmaliZied Ben RomdhaneRomaric TisserandIlan GodfreyLéonard PongoDillon MarshGraeme WilliamsGuillaume BonnNabil Boutros and Paolo Patrizi.