• Lindenberg 10 Lindenberg Basel, BS, 4058 Switzerland

A public exhibition of posters at the Lindenberg presents Nigerian posters and counterparts created by young people as part of the 2017 Image Afrique festival.

The exhibited posters were developed by a photography class at the K’Werk Bildschule bis 16 - Schule für Gestaltung Basel in cooperation with the Basler Afrika Bibliographien and the Center for African Studies at the University of Basel.

Nigerian posters from the 1990s served as a source of inspiration for this project. The posters from the Basler Afrika Bibliographien collection depict topics such as lifestyle, politics, sport and religion, often complemented by an annual calendar. The collages of magazine images are cheaply manufactured mass products that were sold at markets all over West Africa and used as wall decoration in private residences and small businesses.

In a workshop spanning a number of weeks, the young people at K’Werk asked themselves questions such as: What moves me? How do I present a topic? Where can I get the image detail? How does copyright work? Participants used the medium of photography to turn their answers into posters, which are juxtaposed in the exhibition with the sources of inspiration.

The posters will be displayed on the outer wall of the Lindenberg 10 in Kleinbasel for two weeks in a publicly accessible exhibition.

K’Werk Poster Exhibition | 16 June - 2 July, 2017
Lindenberg 10, 4058 Basel
Basler Afrika Bibliographien
Centre for African Studies Basel