The Elusive Body | Contemporary nude photography from three continents

  • Heuberg 24 24 Heuberg 4051 Basel Switzerland

Throughout the course of history the representation of the female nude has been fraught with serious limitations. It is therefore all the more important in this day and age that we acknowledge aesthetic unconventionality and our inherent biases. When does the body become an object? And how does the body manifest itself as subject matter?

The exhibition The Elusive Body at Heuberg 24 - Raum für Kunst presents photographic works by international artists who have examined these questions and closely observed the human body in their work; artists who have made the body into an object until it virtually vanishes in front of the lens or challenges commonly held stereotypes of the body. Ultimately what underpins all these interpretations is the naked body, which speaks for itself.

The following photographic works will be presented: Showtime by Filipe Branginho, Taille Fine by Joana Choumali, Corpus by Alejandra Figueroa, Penetration by Benjamin Füglister, Full Beauty by Yossi Loloi, and Darkroom and Attitudes 2.0 by Michael Maria Müller.