Everyday Africa in virtual and real space

  • Basel Switzerland

As part of the 2017 Image Afrique festival, digital content is displayed in place of advertising posters with the aid of the Tagxy augmented reality app. Through the lens of the Tagxy camera the real world is expanded with photographs from the Instagram project Everyday Africa. Users can scan the advertising posters in Basel’s city center using their smartphones and in doing so experience the world of Everyday Africa. The images can be liked, commented on or shared on social media.

Everyday Africa fights against clichéd images of Africa that represent the continent as a place full of poverty, disease and war. Using the best photos from the celebrated online project that documents daily life on the African continent, the exhibition shows rare glimpses of unexpected beauty; the images redirect perceptions from sensationalized extremes to an ordered, familiar reality. The images and comments speak volumes about commonly held perceptions of Africa and simultaneously underline the continent’s increasingly intimate interconnectedness within a globalized world. 325,000 people follow Everyday Africa on Instagram, where it was started by Peter DiCampo and Austin Merril in 2012.

The project provokes complex engagement with notions of perception, truth, expectations, reality and illusion, while at the same time aiming to draw the public’s attention to contemporary African photography.

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Everyday Africa in Virtual Space | 9 June - 2 July, 2017
Posters in the Basel city center