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Image Afrique is the festival format of the non-profit organisation CAP Association initiated 2012 by Swiss media artist Benjamin Füglister.

The festival format of Image Afrique was developed in Basel. The initiators of the exhibition, Benjamin Füglister and Livia Rutishauser, come from the Basel region and are actively engaged with the city’s rich cultural fabric. Image Afrique has entered into partnership with the University of Basel Centre for African Studies, and with Marcel Tanner, Image Afrique advisor and former director of the Swiss Tropical Health Institute. Image Afrique took place for the first time in 2012 at Rümelinsplatz in Basel, followed in 2013 by an exhibition at Münsterplatz in cooperation with the Museum der Kulturen. In 2014 the exhibition took place once again at Münsterplatz, and in 2015 at the Theaterplatz in the Basel city centre.

Art and culture are of great importance in the Basel region, as is the connection with the history and culture of the African continent. This can be seen in the high concentration of institutions located in Basel: the University of Basel Centre for African Studies, the Basler Afrika Bibliographien, the Swiss Tropical Health Institute. the Museum der Kulturen. and Mission 21.

In the art world, artists whose work deals with the African continent or an African diaspora attract little interest. It is Image Afrique’s aim to change this and to use new perspectives to positively influence the negative image of Africa portrayed in one-sided media reports. Photography’s prevalence in day-to-day life makes it the ideal medium for fostering an unhindered discourse about the image of Africa. During the Image Afrique mother exhibition in Basel visitors are invited to engage in a range of activities including tours and workshops about the exhibition and its featured content.

The festival is a welcome addition to Basel’s vibrant art scene, and due to its public accessibility manages to reach a broad audience, rather than just art enthusiasts.

Image Afrique is realised by a small, international team:

Benjamin Füglister, artistic director, ben@imageafrique.com

Benjamin Füglister is an artist and cultural entrepreneur born in Switzerland in 1978. He has lived in Berlin, Germany, since completing his studies at the Basel College of Art in Switzerland, and at the Utrecht College of Art in the Netherlands. In his artistic practice he questions social conventions and explores their visual transformations. His particular interest is photography as a medium for visualising the shifts in the human image. Benjamin Füglister has been a member of the European Photography magazine editorial staff since 2006, and in 2009 he established piclet.org, a platform for hand-picked photographic portfolios and directory for photography festivals, magazines and institutions. He is the founder of CAP Prize, the prize for contemporary African photography, tendered for the first time in 2012. Füglister is a nominator for the renowned Prix Pictet, and sits on the Photo Basel artistic advisory board. He regularly works as a reviewer at international photography festivals, such as the European Month of Photography in Vienna or the Houston FotoFest.

Livia Rutishauser, project manager, livia@imageafrique.com

Born and raised in Basel, Livia Rutishauser has lived in Berlin since 2004, where she trained as a contemporary dancer. She later successfully completed her studies in cultural sciences at the European University Viadrina. While working as a freelance dancer, she volunteered for several years at ALFILM (Arab Film Festival Berlin). Most recently Rutishauser worked in the fundraising department of Doctors Without Borders. Today she works as an independent cultural manager for the dance production company M.i.C.A. (Movement in Contemporary Art) and works as the project manager for the Image Afrique festival.

Nadja Borer, VIP relations, nadja@imageafrique.com 


Sevin Özdemir, French
Louise Pain, English


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